On the Day...


Here is one structure of how the day unfolds, but talk to us if you have different ideas, or thoughts, as we’re completely adaptable around you – after all it is your day!


Generally, we will arrive with the bride up to an hour and a half prior to the ceremony. Jo will stay with the girls, while Chris will go on to meet the boys at the ceremony venue. Detail shots of the venue are taken now, or at some point usually decided in the final meeting before the day.


It’s amazing to be working together as husband and wife, as we get to record all the events as they unfold in two different places. Usually, Jo will take pretty getting ready shots and be with the Bride until the service. Meanwhile Chris will take relaxed photos of the boys and guests arriving. We then join back together and ‘bounce off each other’ until the ceremony. Various unobtrusive shots will be taken during the ceremony from two key angles (confirmed with you, your vicar, or registrar before hand).


You can choose to have a small selection of must have formal shots. This is completely optional but usually nice to formally remember the day. These can be taken immediately afterwards, or at the reception. In which ever order, we’ll capture the excitement of the day as all the guests chat with you – both from a far and closely - capturing mingling chatty moments.


At some point during this time, we ask to whisk you both away to take some private shots, where you can usually catch a breath, and say hello to each other! (Locations are usually decided at one of the meetings prior).


After this, mingling, social shots continue until you sit down for your wedding breakfast, which of course, includes lots of photos of your guests too. We remain as relaxed, and friendly as possible to blend in and become an integral part of your day.


If the half day package is selected, we usually leave you to enjoy the rest of your day when you sit down for your wedding breakfast. Depending on when you’ve arranged speeches, we can always stay to document these too (if they are before your meal, for example, or there is still lots of time left). We can also sort out a ‘mock up’ cake cutting shot if needed.


If you selected the full day option, we tend to pop off while you enjoy your meal – grab a bite to eat, upload photos, and let people enjoy their food without the risk of being photographed mid way through eating!


Afterwards, we’ll come back and document speeches, cake cutting, etc. We’ll both be with you throughout the evening until after the first dance, giving you a fully documented day from start to end – but we’re afraid we don’t stay for cleaning up duties!


Please do get in touch if you’d like further information.